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  1. 2008.02.21 모바일 TV의 진화

모바일 TV의 진화

2008. 2. 21. 08:54
MWC (Mobile World Congress)에서 Vincent Poulbere (principal analyst at Ovum)이 언급한 내용입니다. 우리나라는 T-DMB가 무료이므로 MBMS등이 새롭게 서비스가 되더라도(당근 유료?) T-DMB가 대세일것 같습니다만...언제나 중요한건 콘텐츠의 양과 질이겠죠?

"As of early 2008 mobile TV is a reality, worldwide. According to Ericsson, there are more than 170 mobile TV offerings launched around the world, most of which are over cellular networks. The Swedish vendor supplies solutions to over 60 of these. Nokia Siemens Network said it provides its solutions to 30 unicast services and six DVB-H commercial launches."

"For many operators, early mobile TV services have not had much success so far and are still a small niche. But at the MWC, Telstra reported encouraging progress for mobile TV services delivered over its HSDPA 'Next G' network and Alcatel Lucent's mobile TV platform. The Australian incumbent said 5% of its Next G customers subscribe to Foxtel Mobile services (at AUD12 per month)."

"The evolution of mobile TV will require a broadcast component. At the MWC, vendors provided some news regarding the progress of various mobile broadcast solutions:":
"Another important theme is mobile TV and convergence. Several players announced solutions that blend together unicast and broadcast, for instance Nokia Siemens Network, Alcatel Lucent or Streamezzo. This combines in the same offering and EPG channels that are distributed via the cellular network and channels that are distributed via a broadcast network, and thus hide the delivery technology to the end-users. Also, these capabilities are required to provide interactive services onto broadcast channels."

"Advertising has been a key theme for the MWC this year. It is naturally becoming a central concern for players involved in developing mobile TV and video services, which see an opportunity to develop new ad-funded business models. One of the most concrete developments of advertising for mobile TV has been the announcement of an ad-funded video service by Vodafone Italy, prior to the show. QuickPlay is providing the technology that manages the video content and the video ads, and inserts ads into the content, while Amobee provides the mobile advertising platform."

전문 : http://www.3g.co.uk/PR/Feb2008/5813.htm

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